My Story

Shondella Barkley

From the corporate world to the realm of life and relationship coaching, my journey has been one of profound transformation. After years of pursuing success in the fast-paced corporate environment, I realized that something crucial was missing—a sense of purpose and fulfillment.Taking a leap of faith, I embarked on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. Through introspection and soul-searching, I unearthed my core values, passions, and strengths. Recognizing the profound impact I could make by guiding others on their journeys, I made the decision to become a life coach.Embracing this new direction, I immersed myself in a rigorous certification program, honing my coaching skills and developing a deep understanding of human psychology. The opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients solidified my conviction, witnessing their transformations and witnessing the power of coaching firsthand.While leaving behind the stability of my corporate career was challenging, I embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and committed to building a thriving coaching practice. Through networking, marketing, and continuous professional development, I established myself as a trusted and compassionate life coach.Today, I find immense joy in helping individuals, couples and groups navigate their paths, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. Guided by the belief that true success lies in making a positive impact on others, I am grateful for the opportunity to align my professional life with my passion for empowering and inspiring those I work with.This journey has taught me the power of authenticity, resilience, and following one’s calling. As I continue to evolve and grow as a life coach, I look forward to the endless possibilities of making a meaningful difference in the lives of those I have the privilege to serve.

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What I Believe In

I apply these five core values to all the work I do with my clients

Listening Deeply

I listen to people and give them the space they need to be seen and heard.

Emotional Acknowledgement

I don’t believe in toxic positivity; I will always acknowledge how hard it is to feel what you are feeling. I aim to normalize and validate everything you are feeling.

Empathy Fuels Everything

I know how it feels to feel paralyzed by difficult choices and I will never judge you for whatever it is that you are feeling. I want every client to walk away from our sessions feeling understood.

Don’t Rush Clarity

I believe that everyone’s journey is their own. Sometimes you’ll get clear about which path to choose right away, and sometimes it can take a while. Everyone I work with moves towards clarity at their own speed.

Authenticity, Always

I operate with honesty, integrity, and authenticity, always. Our work together might not be easy, but you can trust that I will always be honest with you about situations that arise.

My Certifications & Credentials