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You’re a Certified Life Coach. Now What?

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Are you a new life coach looking to launch or level up your business? It can be so overwhelming when you are just starting out, and I know because I’ve been there. It can be so tempting to look at what some of your peers are doing, or spend all of your money on fancy websites and social media, and yet somehow still feel like you’re falling short, or just not feeling confident. 

Perhaps you’ve even looked into working with a business coach, but that felt too overwhelming because at the core of it, it wasn’t about boosting your confidence but about adding to your to-do list.

I work with coaches who have completed a life coaching certification program and have a strong sense of integrity around the business they want to create, but still need:

More coaching confidence to ultimately sell their services & put themselves out thereTo overcome feelings of imposter syndromeTo understand that done is better than perfect!

If you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level, but are lacking the confidence in getting there, I can help you overcome the blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Why Choose Me as Your Coach?

I have nearly 2000 hours of coaching experience and have worked with hundreds of clients over the past decade. I am not only certified as a Mentor Coach with the ICF, but also have had my PCC since 2020. I work with IPEC as a Module Support Coach (MSC), where I am constantly engaging with the most up-to-date content and education from the experts.

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